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Our workshop is fully equipped with special tools for engine repair and overhaul

Cylinder heads

  • Chris-Marine BSP
    Valve grinding machine

  • Chris-Marine 75H
    Portable valve grinding machine

  • Chris-Marine VSL
    Valve seat lathe

  • Chris-Marine CPL
    Surface grinding machine

Cylinder liners

  • Chris-Marine HON A
    Automatic honing and deglazing machine

  • Lathe
    Lathe for machining of top and bottom landing surface

Engine block

  • Landing surface
    Machining tools for landing surfaces

  • Belts
    Machining of engine block for installation of rings


  • Schenck H4 BU
    Balancing machine for balancing of rotors up 1000kg / 2000 mm

Fuel equipment

  • Chris-Marine VPA 1100-5
    Fuel injector test rig

  • Chris-Marine IGT
    Fuel injector grinding tool

  • Wentzky 4R40
    Lapping machine for sealing surfaces